About dante14888

My first memory was watching the New York
Yankees play the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1964 World Series
and I immediately became — as many others did — a fan of
Mickey Mantle. He was my favorite player and the Yankees
became my favorite team. Many might have accused me of being
a front-runner by choosing a perennial championship team. But
from 1965 until 1976, the Yankees were not exactly champions
of anything. They were downright bad. But I rooted for the
Horace Clarkes, Bobby Murcers and Roy Whites until they
became champions again in 1978 and 1979. Thurman, Reggie,
Goose, Gator, Lou and even Bucky Dent became my new icons.
Then after Thurman’s death and a lucky World Series
appearance in 1981 in the strike year, the Yankees again
disappeared from the national stage until 1995’s playoff loss
to Seattle. So for being a front-runner, I also suffered
through 25 years where the Yankees did not win anything and
were not really that good. So I guess when Jeter, Mo, Andy
and Bernie showed up and pushed the Yankees to four
championships in five seasons I am back being the
front-runner again. But I write this blog out of love for
this team I grew up with and it is the only team I will ever
root for. (Except whoever is playing the f-ing Sawx). But I
hope you enjoy my journalistic view of the team. I am after
all a former sport columnist and I have worked for several
excellent Florida newspapers and one not so good one who
won’t hire me because I have a relative who works there. But,
hey, I enjoy writing about the Yankees. I hope you enjoy
reading about them from my point of view. Thanks,